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The Heart of Zambia - Lusaka

Zambia - LusakaZambia - Lusaka
Zambia - LusakaZambia - Lusaka

The Heart of Zambia - Lusaka

The Capital of Zambia (highly famous for its mind blowing and jaw dropping attraction - the Victoria Falls)- Lusaka is one astonishing and worth-visiting city of this country that also serves to be the home of a large variety of attractions and fascinations. It is a gleaming and glittering cosmopolitan city of Africa and here you will find that every tenth citizen of Zambia belongs to Lusaka and the locals love their city more than anything of this world. There are many tourists who belong to plenty of parts of the world and each time when they plan their holiday trip, they always choose Zambia just because it's the gem of Africa and serves to be the haven of a large variety of captivating and eye catchy attractions.

The easiest and the most comfortable way to travel around the various parts of the city is with the help of Minibuses which are fast, cheap and ubiquitous. It will cost you even less than a dollar to visit the complete city, once you plan to take a ride through these buses. If you are staying at a place where you accommodation or the hotel building lies in close vicinity to some of the major attractions of the town then do opt for walking because it's the best and the most adventurous way to stroll through the various enchanting and charming places on foot. Walking at night is not at all preferable due to the security reasons and also the roads are not those much good.

The city is not abundant with a huge variety of shopping malls or some sparkling or vibrant sites but still there are many points of interests and there is so much you can enjoy and do in this amazing part of Africa. The Cairo Road is the hub and the heart of all the major business activities; the locals usefully hit the magnificent and spectacular sites of some modern shopping malls are fond of the pulsating and enchanting nightlife of the city. Soweto Market is a great grand shopping market - the modern one that features a massive variety of products. You can get almost everything from a clothing item to a bean. The inside of the market is quite like a workshop that is majorly occupied with engine spare parts, the bicycle repair men and traditional medicines. Don't forget to personally take care of your belongings and handbags. The Anglican Cathedral is another eye catchy and attractive landmark of the area - this beautiful allurement is located on the edge of Independence Avenue and Church Road and serves to be an elegant structure that is made up of glass windows and concrete. It is very famous with the name of Cathedral of the Holy Cross and the place was open for worshipers in 1962.

If you head towards the Showground of the city, you will get an opportunity to visit Henry Tayali Gallery that is very popular for exhibiting the artwork of local artisans and people. The Professional and unique masterpieces are enough to leave any one in awe and the whole gallery is well stocked with very distinguished kind of art. For all those people who are with their families and are in search of extreme entertainment and amusement, the Munda Wanga Environmental Park is the perfect place for them. It is a Sanctuary, Wildlife Park, Environmental education centre, the recreational village and the botanical garden as well. This attraction was established in 1956 and with the passage of time it became the most-visited site of the city- it has been recorded that more than fifty thousand people hit this park annually. The major attractions of the park are the twenty baboons and a baby elephant whose name is Phoenix.

There is a wildlife ranch as well that is named as Lilayi Lodge - it offers you a game drive and the opportunity of your life to get up close and personal with the wild animals of the region. This place also features a restaurant and the Sunday buffet is not-to-be-missed feature of this amazing area. Besides, the tourists can also visit many museums in the area, the National museum is the most famous one and there are many other fascinations as well that each visitor will love to see.


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Zambia - Lusaka