What Are Popular Tourists Attractions in Lusaka Zambia

Attractions - Lusaka - ZambiaAttractions - Lusaka - Zambia
Attractions - Lusaka - ZambiaAttractions - Lusaka - Zambia

What Are Popular Tourists Attractions in Lusaka Zambia?

Tourism in Lusaka is popular. Tourist's attractions at Lusaka are varied. They range from historical monuments to shopping centers to Safari Parks. In addition to the commercial and administrative center Lusaka is the Tourism center of the country. Tourist's attractions at Lusaka can be categorized into historical attractions, entertainment attractions, and natural attractions. Although it is a year-round tourist's destination it is most popular among holidaymakers and is attracting millions of visitors each year.

Historical Attractions: Lusaka National Museum, the Political Museum, the Zintu Community Museum, and the Freedom Statue are successfully capturing Lusaka flights from UK and other places. Flights from Europe may be reserved with any trustworthy travel company such as Lusaka flights Lusaka National Museum is no doubt the most attractive public building in Lusaka. It is beautifully reflecting Zambian ethnography, witchcraft, history and contemporary art. The museum is a small complex housing a small library, a small conference room and a snack shop. Political Museum is representing the long political history of the country, and the freedom statue is attracting flights to Lusaka due to its importance as a symbol of freedom of Zambia.

Natural Attractions: Lusaka is famous for its natural beauty. Lusaka Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Munda Wanga Environmental Park are the most famous natural attractions. Munda Wanga Environmental Park is major attraction capturing Lusaka flights. It is a complex housing Environmental Education Centre, a Wildlife Park and Sanctuary and a Botanical Garden. It has over 1,000 plant species and over 40 species of wild animals. The best time to visit this park after taking cheap flights to Lusaka is the weekend as on weekends special programs are arranged at the park. Facilities at the park include; Picnic sites, Terrace Bar and restaurant, the park has two swimming pools, a Playground and adventure fields.

Cultural Attractions: Cultural attractions at Lusaka are plentiful, and include; the Agricultural Society Showground, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the Moore Pottery Factory, the Lusaka Playhouse theatre, a cinema, a cenotaph. Lusaka Playhouse Theatre is very popular among tourists as well as locals. Visitors frequently reserve cheap Lusaka flights from the UK. They look for some reliable tour operators for their flight's reservation e.g. Other places you may enjoy at Lusaka include; a Golf Club and the Lusaka Central Sports Club.

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Attractions - Lusaka - Zambia