Zambia, home of the great Victoria Falls


Zambia, home of the great Victoria Falls

Zambia's Victoria Falls is Africa's playground and is visited annually by adrenaline junkies, outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers all year round. Whether you visit for a safari holiday in Zambia or a luxury beach retreat; one thing that is guaranteed is that you will never be bored, I must also warn you that visiting here on holiday will cause you to not want to go back home and make you wish you were staying longer. Let's take a closer look at some high octane adventures to be had in Zambia.

Canoeing safaris – offer an alternative take on the safari holiday, your senses sharpen as you experience the wilderness in a unique way. You'll be amazed at just how close you can get to the animals, being within a matter touching distance from a herd of elephants or a basking hippo on the side of the river. A canoe safari is not as fast paced as a game drive, but a canoe safari is more about quality and the interpersonal experience that one gets rather than the quantity that you would get from a game drive.

Elephant back safaris – A safari holiday in Zambia is one of the finest locations in Africa for an elephant back safari. Viewing the world from the eyes of an elephant is arguably the most incredible safari experience you could ever have, the interaction with these wonderful animals is truly breathtaking and allows you to get up closer to other animals in the wilderness that you would not ordinarily be able to get close to.

White water rafting – the Zambezi river is home to the finest commercially run river in the world and Batoka Gorge providing the most thrilling and intense rapids imaginable. It's a wild natural rollercoaster that's surrounded by strikingly beautiful scenery. White water rafting takes place in a large rubber raft and is launched just below the great Victoria Falls.

Bunge jumping – taking the leap of faith takes place on a man-made bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The drop is 111m high and is almost the largest commercial bungee jump in the world, I must warn you that this is not for the faint hearted, if you're seeking that little extra bit of encouragement to go through with the bungee jump then tandem bungee jumps can be accommodated for.

Abseiling down the Livingstone gorge is an incredible way to experience this vibrant region of Zambia. Don't worry if you have never done abseiling before as an experienced instructor will help guide you and talk you through your journey down the rock face. As you reach the surface you will have the option of climbing back up or walking to the top. I would recommend doing the latter as it gives you more time to take in the incredible wilderness that surrounds you.

Gorge swinging – Zambia is home to the world's first commercial gorge swing; thrill seekers can jump on their own or in tandem with a friend as you're placed in a full body harness and you can take a running jump forwards, backwards or do the death drop, free falling 160 feet reaching speeds of over 180km/h as you glide across the gorge.

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